Saturday, April 7, 2007

Apple TV Dual Boot

This weekend the hackers are trying to fit multiple Operating Systems on the little Apple TV. Arodd on hackint0sh forums is reporting that he was able to format a drive with the Apple TV OS on one partition and regular OSX on another partition. By running a script, the Apple TV automatically reboots into the other OS.

He writes:

I essentially Installed a fresh copy of osx to a 3.5" hard-drive(hackint0sh). Then popped in the ATV drive to my pc along with the fresh install. Then used Disk Utility to recover the osx partition from the 3.5" to the Media partition making sure to not reformat/erase partition. It will coexist with the Media/Scratch folders on the 4th partition.

Setup the usual mach_kernel/boot.efi mod using semthex's kernel and the guide from

Then Bless with

bless --folder=/mnt/System/Library/CoreServices --file=/mnt/System/Library/CoreServices/boot.efi --setBoot --nextonly

This will tell it to use the boot.efi file from the media partition and boot osx, but only on the next reboot....

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