Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Apple TV Updated

Last week in the midst of the iPhone 3G release, apple snuck in an apple tv update as well.

Here's what's new:

  • Changed .Mac to MobileMe (MacRumors)
  • iPhone/iPod Touch remote capabilities (MacRumors)
  • improved photo browsing, with thumbnails (MacRumors forum)
  • Added "Wishlist" to Movie Rentals
  • Movies currently only available for purchase now displays date when available for rent.
  • Trailers view has changed to big thumbnails of movie posters (macrumors forum)
  • The 'Clear' button has been added to the onscreen keyboard (macrumors forum)
  • Streaming of photos from mobileme and from iPhoto on your mac (macrumors forum)
  • The music album list now has album artwork thumbnails (macrumors forum)
  • Internet Radio Playlists are working again (macrumors forum)
Read more about what has changed as well as find out which plugins have been updated to support ATV OS 2.1 at awkward tv: