Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Apple TV OS running on Macbooks

I'm not sure why anyone would really want to do this, but you can run the Apple TV OS on a macbook, and probably any other intel mac by the time you read this.

The software is not really the interesting part of the Apple TV, it's the $299 box with hdmi and component that can display high def content to screens. With LCD and Plasma displays decreasing in price so quickly, people are buying them up by the ton, and they will need sources to hook up to all of those inputs. The Apple TV Hardware, in a very short amount of time will become a great open source STB that pulls in content from all over the place. It small enough to tuck behind your LCD or plasma (who will be first to make an Apple TV mounting bracket?).

The fact that everyone on the internet is copying the Apple TV OS all over the place is just money in the bank for Apple. Each copy of Apple TV OS or iTunes running is another potential customer of Apple's DRM'ed content, bringing more $ in to them and giving them the user counts they need to get more studios to sign with them.


For more info on the files you need to install Apple TV OS on your Mac, head over to hackint0sh.org